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Nov. 23rd, 2012 11:43 pm
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Name: Nezumi (ネズミ)
Violence chip number: VC-103221
Height: 178 cm (5'10")
Weight: 63 kg (138.9 lbs)
Blood type: O
Birthday: ???
Likes: Mice
Dislikes: No.6, emotion, raw fish?
Special skill: Singing, knife technique

A boy from the West Block that was chased as a criminal by the government of No.6. In the past, his family and the rest of the Mao forest dwellers were killed due to No.6, and he's intent on revenge. He helped Shion escape in order to repay his debt, but their ties were stronger than he expected, and he now finds it dangerous. However, as the presence of Shion in his life gradually increases, his mindset changes, and he's become perplexed by it. He'll go to any length to achieve his goals. Also, he rarely shows strong emotions because he's cool and collected, but when he's with the straightforward Shion, his pace is thrown off.

Singing skill: ★★★★★
With a beautiful singing voice that can relieve people of their anxiety and suffering, he has the power to bring peace to those that are dying.

Physical strength: ★★★★★
He can do martial arts, of course, and also excels in handling knives and heavy weapons. The Security Bureau’s soldiers aren’t strong enough opponents for him.

Intellect: ★★★★☆
He has the insight to sense things before they happen. He’s also excellent at making judgments in an instant. He singlehandedly constructed almost all of the attack strategy for the infiltration of the correctional facility.

Morals: ★★★☆☆
He’s cautious and wary of everyone and hates making (lasting) connections with other people. Though cruel, it’s all for the sake of living strongly. However, like the way he feels obligated to repay his debt to Shion, there are some exceptions because he has a strong sense of duty.

Appearance: ★★★★★
Grey eyes, thin lips, and a well-shaped nose. Both women and men are attracted to his beauty. He wears his superfiber cloth fashionably.

Emotional strength: ★★★★☆
In order to destroy No.6, he’s willing to go to any means. He doesn’t hesitate to deceive even Rikiga, his ally.

Personal history: He lived in the forest during his early childhood, but he lost his family in the massacre by the government of No.6. He was rescued by a strange old woman and was raised under her care until he was ten. Since then, he was left without a single relative, and now lives in a room underground.

Work: He often takes the stage in the recreational facilities at the theatre. Thanks to his beautiful appearance and voice, he has many enthusiastic fans. As an actor, he’s called "Eve".

The above information is a translation of the official novel guide and not my own writing.

  • Superfiber Cloth: Mostly uses it as a blanket which he covers Shion and himself with at night. But he's prepared to use it for defense at any given moment. Carried on his person at all time. 
  • Pocket Knife: Kept in his sleeve, ready for use at any time. 
  • School Uniform: Worn rather casually. His jacket is always open but he's always wearing the tie, since he figures it could come in handy. Wears his superfiber cloth fashionably over it.
Right Now
  • Mostly Nezumi sticks to himself. He'll grab food from the cafeteria and then bring it back to class 3-B. He'll occasionally hoard it in his locker, but usually he eats it right away, not wanting it to spoil. 
  • At night he tries to sleep in a different place every night, and always sleeps with Shion by his side. They sleep cuddled up together underneath Nezumi's superfiber cloth. Which is really uncomfortable wow. 
  • Kinda trying to gather information on all the students. 
  • Wanders around every day trying doors and exploring, occasionally speaking to other students but mostly sticking to himself. 
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[A collection of information that he's gathered from others as well as his own observation. Also a list of CR eventually. Since he doesn't have his robots this is the best way.]

Makoto's Bulletin (6/18/2015 - Copied neatly into his notebook.
Nao's Bulletin (7/12/2015) - Copied neatly into his notebook.
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No godmoding. I know this is a given, but I just want to say it in case you were thinking of doing it anyway.

Fourth Walling: ...What canon knows No.6? Oh well. Just make sure to ask me first!
Backtagging: Yes. I will backtag you into the next millennium.
Thread-Jacking: Go ahead! Unless it says closed or it's an action post where Nezumi is literally alone in a room with another person, then I seriously don't mind.
Offensive Subjects: I am perfectly fine with every subject, and so is Nezumi! He won't hesitate to share his opinions though.

Depending on CR, Nezumi will probably pin you to the ground/wall/surface with a knife to your throat, but go ahead.
Kissing: Depending on CR, Nezumi will probably pin you to the ground/wall/surface with a knife to your throat, but go ahead. Unless of course he's the one who wants to kiss.
Flirting: If Nezumi isn't the one initiating the flirting, I'll be shocked. 
Sexual Relations: Nezumi is a very secretive person, and while he'll flirt and seduce people, it's very rare that he'll take someone to bed with him. The act of getting naked and exposed in front of another doesn't appeal to him. Especially a stranger. So you'll definitely want to ask me before trying anything. We can work it out! 
Fighting/Injuring: Go ahead! Just contact me about the details of the fight. Nezumi is very skilled at hand-to-hand as well as the verbal type of fighting, so he's not easy to take down unless you have some sort of supernatural power. Even then, he's quite cunning.
Killing: I'll have to say no to this. If you're really feeling like killing this guy (I won't blame you) then please ask me. 

Warnings: Foul language, gross flirting, unnecessary sexual tension, he will piss you off, he's a literal princess, and he'll do anything to squirm out of a sticky situation. 

(I'll stick a kink list or something here soon)


May. 6th, 2012 11:51 am
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