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I'm not here right now. Make it quick.
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Early 9/7 - text

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Nezumi, where did you want me to meet you?

[Shion had done as he was asked and put their pillow and sleeping mat away in his locker, but leave it to Nezumi to be aggravatingly esoteric about everything he can get away with.]
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[No matter the circumstances, at his core, Shion will always be Shion, and that means saying Nezumi's name too much (and mentally monologuing, etc.). Nezumi should know that much by now!

But seriously, he's more than slightly perplexed about why Nezumi won't tell him why they're meeting up. Did he find out new information about the school that he doesn't want anyone else to hear? That would make sense, given the situation, and-- well, he should probably reply instead of thinking too much on it. Blame his curiosity.]

I'll meet you there.

[And true to his word, he heads directly there and takes a seat at his usual desk. What's going on....]
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You remembered?

[Nezumi isn't one to keep track of dates, but Shion honestly isn't terribly surprised by the fact that today stood out in his mind. Both he and Shion know equally well that September 7th is far more than just Shion's birthday; for the past five years, this day has become more of an anniversary of their meeting than anything else. The day he opened the window with no regrets.... Everyone had a birthday, but Shion doubted that many people could pinpoint the exact moment when their life changed so drastically like he and Nezumi could. Wasn't that far more special?

Still, regardless of the reason, Shion's expression softens into a smile that can't be called anything but pure and sentimental.]

Thanks, Nezumi. You didn't have to go through all this trouble for me. [Raising the cup of coffee to his lips, he takes a sip and relaxes in his chair - perfect. It may not be exactly the same, but drinking coffee like this with Nezumi reminds him of the first morning they spent together at his home.]

You'll share it with me, won't you? Since we've never done anything for your birthday, you should celebrate with me today.
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[Oh, come on. It may be free, but why else would Nezumi bring so much food? Even if this bread was as good as his mother's (and it isn't - he already knows that much), Shion probably couldn't even eat a third of it by himself if he tried. He'd honestly be fine with just coffee, especially when it was made so perfectly. The world may be harsh, but is it really so bad to take joy in the simple pleasures of life?]

It was only March when I left home, so I don't think I can call myself eighteen just yet. [Grinning, he pulls the chair at the nearby desk up next to his own. Sitting on top of the desk like that is rude, you know!]
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[Six months is a long time, and the past year of Shion's life had never felt longer. It isn't terribly difficult to sense the slight bitterness in Nezumi's tone, and Shion honestly doesn't like to think about it much either, but one thing stands out.]

I'm definitely older than you now? [Add the six month time difference to the three months they've been here now to get three fourths of a year, and.... Well, okay, Nezumi would be far more upset if he figured out that Shion was still trying to calculate "useless information" like his birthday after all of this time, but it's still important.] Instead of wisdom, don't you think I deserve a little more respect? [Okay, not really, but hey.]
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You at least remember your birthday, don't you? [Honestly, he's pretty sure he'll be met with some surly, typical Nezumi-esque response about how it wouldn't matter even if he didn't know, and Shion takes a long sip of his coffee before furrowing his eyebrows upon setting the cup down once more.]

It would be naive of me to assume you'd lost any of your snark. [He can't be called naive anymore after everything he's gone through!] Are you going to sit next to me or not?
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[Should he really have expected anything different? Getting any sort of straight answer from Nezumi would be nothing short of a miracle.]

"What an incredible honour it is to be served coffee by you." [They're words Nezumi should remember, memories that Shion has run over and over again in his head, and he can't help but smile softly while looking down into his cup.] It's as great as always. In the past, something like this would have been a luxury, wouldn't it? [It's somewhat nostalgic, and as bittersweet as the mild taste of the drink on his tongue.]

Here, go ahead. [It isn't his mother's bread, and Nezumi's hardly picky when it comes to food, but he gestures to the tray with his free hand.] I haven't had a lot of these before, so we can try them together.
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I never said I wanted to be here, but if there's no other choice, the least I can do is find things to be happy about. [Like Nezumi being here. Honestly, that gives him much more solace than anything else.]

Do you know what kind it is? [He's never seen his mother have bread quite like this in her shop, but it looks pretty standard, as far as the colour is concerned. As usual, Nezumi's reaction doesn't give him much to go by, and Shion takes a small bite before mulling over the taste.] It's a little sweet for breakfast, but I like it! What do you think?
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Melon? [He may not know bakes confectioneries the way his mother does, but there definitely isn't a trace of melon in this bread. It's a little buttery, and light with a bit of crispness.... All good things, as far as he's concerned. But to Nezumi's words, he laughs a bit and rests his chin in his hands.]

Food isn't scarce here, so you don't have to worry about hoarding it like you usually do. The mice aren't even here to share with us.
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[Sitting up straight once more in his chair, Shion watches Nezumi set the bread down and makes a mental note to not try that particular type. There must really be something strange about it if Nezumi of all people doesn't respond to it well.]

Me? This is more than enough! I don't need a present or anything like that. Besides, it's a day for you to celebrate too, right?
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[That's.... endearing, somehow or another. Did he really expect any differently?]

I've never done much. My Mom always makes a cherry cake, but aside from that, I never did much aside from spend time with Safu. [The way he says it is surprisingly casual, given the fact that he hasn't mentioned Safu out loud to Nezumi since they reunited. It's more than slightly clear that he's has plenty of time to mull over his losses over the past year, though in spite of his smile, the melancholy in his eyes is difficult to miss.] Just spending time with you is enough.