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Life is but a walking shadow

a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage.

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Name:Nezumi | ネズミ

"Reunite, and be together again."

Aster | [ profile] asterisks


Interests (100):

androgyny, animals, any food really, asters for some reason, being a brat, being a diva, being a hippie, being a hipster, being a loner, being a man, being alive, being an actor, being aware of his own beauty, being awesome, being beautiful, being girly, being homo, being lazy, being not dead, being rude, being swag, being tsun, books, bullying shion, cars, celery, cherry cake, clicking his tongue, climbing piles of dead bodies, crushing shion's dreams, dancing, destroying no.6, dogs, eating, eating food, eve, flipping his cloth, food, forest princess, goats, having beautiful eyes, having eyes like the dawn, having food, having the bed to himself, his wit, homo dancing, hot cocoa, judging shion, kicking shion out of bed, kisses, kissing shion, kissing strangers, knives, making vows, meat, mice, money, mysteriously knowing things, never goodbye kisses, nezumi, not being hungry, not crying, not fish, not no.6, not sighing, ooh mister shion ooh, periods of four years, piping hot soup, pouting, putting things in dichotomies, reading, robot mice, running, salty soup, sexing up the room, shakespeare, shion i guess, shion staying alive, shion staying as he is, shion's hair, shion's lustrous hair, shion's scar, shion's warmth, shion...maybe, shoving shion against surfaces, showers, showing off his legs, singing, sleeping on shion, subtly petting shion's hair, superfiber cloth, surviving, swagzumi, tongues, trees, using his sexual appeal, warmth, white hair, windows, yelling out of windows
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