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I'm not here right now. Make it quick.
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[Sitting up straight once more in his chair, Shion watches Nezumi set the bread down and makes a mental note to not try that particular type. There must really be something strange about it if Nezumi of all people doesn't respond to it well.]

Me? This is more than enough! I don't need a present or anything like that. Besides, it's a day for you to celebrate too, right?
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[That's.... endearing, somehow or another. Did he really expect any differently?]

I've never done much. My Mom always makes a cherry cake, but aside from that, I never did much aside from spend time with Safu. [The way he says it is surprisingly casual, given the fact that he hasn't mentioned Safu out loud to Nezumi since they reunited. It's more than slightly clear that he's has plenty of time to mull over his losses over the past year, though in spite of his smile, the melancholy in his eyes is difficult to miss.] Just spending time with you is enough.