superfiber: (「 ♫ 」If you could gently hold my hand.)
Nezumi | ネズミ ([personal profile] superfiber) wrote 2015-10-01 03:32 am (UTC)

Even if we get it often, food like this is still a luxury. You never know when one bad student might misbehave and we get our privileges revoked.

[Nezumi takes a single bite out of a piece of bread that has red bean paste and immediately sets it down. It tastes fine, but the texture is weird. And it's sweet. Have sweet beans always existed? He did think it was strange that bread would have beans in it, so he supposes this makes sense... Even if the texture is really strange...]

Anyway, today's a special day, so let's set aside the dark talk for a while. [Nezumi flourishes his hands as he talks, figuratively "throwing away" the topic at hand.] Was there anything else that you wanted?

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