superfiber: (「 ♫ 」 The torch of my soul.)
Nezumi | ネズミ ([personal profile] superfiber) wrote 2015-10-01 02:47 am (UTC)

The creepy blood covered school with gibberish speaking students isn't all bad. After all, it has coffee!

[There's sarcasm in his tone. Nezumi isn't one to be satisfied by something as simple as coffee when it came to this school. He still wanted to get back home more than anything. People die here. It's cruel. It's disgusting to even think about. And what can he do? He feels even more useless here than he did against No.6 before meeting Shion. It's just frustrating.]

This one looks interesting. [Nezumi says while casually picking a piece of melon bread. He even remembered that this one was labeled melon bread. Does that mean that there's melon in it? Or that the bread is melon flavored? He can't help but think that's a little weird. Melon flavored bread is probably gross. He pulls a piece away and offers it to Shion while taking a huge, unceremonious bite out of it.] Try it, then.

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