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Nezumi | ネズミ ([personal profile] superfiber) wrote 2015-09-23 03:29 pm (UTC)


[Balancing various treats and two cups of coffee on a tray, Nezumi walks casually into the room only a few minutes after Shion does. As soon as the other boy might turn to look at him, he gives him a wan smile and bows slightly, careful of the food.]

Your birthday breakfast has arrived, your majesty.

[Before Shion can manage to stand up, he slides the tray onto Shion's desk. It's filled with more treats than one person can eat, since Nezumi was hoping to steal from him. There's various kinds of bread, such as melon bread, custard bread, pineapple bread, and a red bean bun. He wasn't sure of the strange paste that makes up the red bean bun, so he only brought one. There's a bowl of rice, and two pancakes, along with whatever he might need to flavor them. He takes his cup of coffee and takes a sip.]

I made your coffee just the way you like it, and I've brought a selection to you as a treat. It's no cherry cake, but is it to your liking?

[There's a flourish as he sits down on the desk in front of him, relaxing into a slouch as he grins, drinking in every aspect of Shion's reaction.]

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